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There's loads of prior art, plenty of photos and stuff out there for inspriration - I'm quite a fan of the flikr pool for London Rollergirls ( - freddiefraggles is one of the Maelstrom greenhats, and likes to capture the mood and the flow of the action, Steve "Helmet" Newton gets a good feel for freezing the action and the instance of impact.

There's also the whole subculture of it, "girls getting down and dirty", bruises, short shorts, stripey socks as well as some amazing technical nerdery relating to skates and the parts thereof (don't get me started on my silicon bearings, or durometer ratings of wheels).

I'll leave it to you what you'd like to sketch from it - I referee rather than play (even in the Men's Derby variant - very much the little brother sport), so I have an outsider view on it, and enjoy all sorts of ephemera of it.

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