Great Hero Ardan Defeats Dragon Single-Handedly

It is said that the Great Hero Ardan's hand is seen in many of the city's greater political circles. Armed only with a handful of witty retorts and a firm Handshake, the Great Hero Ardan has no need to resort to Backhanders in order to make his name known - even when dealing with the Iron-Fisted militia, or their Heavy-Handed constables. Even his most underhanded of tactics cannot defeat such a Hero, and even with the most daring of escapades, he has never seen a pair of Handcuffs.

It is said that the Great Hero Ardan was hand-picked by the mage Milton Trevelyan for the task of defeating the dragon. Sitting in his armchair, he couldn't quite put his finger on what made this handsome young man right for the job, but it seemed that he would be able to shoulder the burden of the task.

It is said that other adventurers went with the Great Hero Ardan in order to lend a hand. Armed to the teeth, Ardan's right-hand man, an honourable orc (do we have this guy's name? -ed) was convinced he could handle anything. On the other hand, Ardan's other sidekick, Rowan, while herself a dab hand with a sword, was armed with only second-hand equipment and hand-me downs. Additionally, two young nobles, one the daughter of a handyman, the other a rich gentleman with an arm-load of potions that cost him an arm and a leg joined the fray.

It is said that the Great Hero Ardan's armament was only a hand-and a half sword, (it was a rapier. -ed) he thumbed his nose at the armada of equipment his cohorts brought along. You have to hand it to a man who goes out to fight evil without armour, but perhaps when one begins life as a simple deck-hand, you just learn to knuckle down and get on with it.

Defeating monsters Hand-over-fist, the party handily made their way to the dragon's lair. The monster awoke from its slumber and charged. The Great Hero Ardan briefly touched his fingers to a Handkerchief tied around his list. a Favour from a lady (known to be a bit of a handful, but to have a disarming smile.) - it bolstered his heart as the party met the Monster head on.

It is said that during the battle that followed, the monster focussed all of it's attention upon the Great Hero, and pinned him to the ground. "Unhand me" our hero called out, and with a flick of his wrist, skewered the beast through the brain, ending its life once and for all.

The day was saved, the people of Grantabrugge Rejoiced, and now, the queen wishes the services of our Great Hero in order to bring peace between the warring armies in Wessex. Only with the help of the Great Hero Ardan can a new Armistice be formed.

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