Socks and Puppets: Bonus challenges.

The following challenges are open to anyone, you don't need to have signed up in order to have a go.

The Website.

Let's face it. The Director might one day reach his aspiration of being a mad underground evil inventor. But, he's no good at marketing, this website is a testament to that. What we need is... is pizzaz. The challenge is open to all who dare accept it. Design the most bestest logo you can, and send it in! And while you're at it, whip up a snappy slogan to reel in those punters. If the director likes your entry, it'll be used.

This challenge is open indefinately. You can always use more slogans. Send submissions to the Director at

The Money.

It's the Director's birthday! - so send him 10! Of course, everyone knows the best 10 you can send someone for their birthday is a fake monopoly 10. Mock up 10 of forged monopoly money, or equivalent worthless currency, and send it in. Be inventive!

If you need the Director's address, then send an email, and it'll be sent to you. Otherwise you can hand it to me in person. This game is open until November 11th.