Game reports.

The following stuff has been sent to the Director...

30/10/07: Someone sent Rosemary Warner a... uh... thing...

Rosemary says:


On Thursday I received a THING.

It is a sock-wearing tentacle monster with POSEABLE TENTACLES!!!

The director then recieved a Picture

Love and hugs


30/10/07: Jennifer Johnson recieved a pen of wonder from Facehugger

Jennifer says:

Dear Mr. Director

I would like to do round 2 of S&P.

I have so far recieved one gift, a truly awesome Pen of Wonder from Facehugger. It consists of a biro with coloured stripey foam wrapped round it and coming off the top in phantasmogorical strips that wind back round each other in spirals and twirls, capturing 4 white and glittery fuzzy pompoms inside them as they do so. I like it very much, it brightens up my working day. also the pompoms are very squeezy. :-D

4/11/07: Isobel Hooper gave lykorexic the plague.

Lykorexic says:

Yay, I got one of my gifts! Still waiting for the other two.

The director recieved a accurate rendition of opening the present.

4/11/07: The director recieved ten pounds.

Lupie says:

A ten-pound-note, lovingly crafted from the finest photoshops, the design of which has been hand-buggered-about-with to ensure that it cannot be forged and is undesireable to the general public IN RECOGNITION OF OUR KIND DIRECTOR'S DAY OF BIRTH.

Firstly, the ten-pound-note, hand-issued from the Bank of Lupie. It is the most "visually stunning" effect I could manage, so that it remains memorable, even after you've closed your eyes, turned off the computer and hurled it out of the window. I hope you enjoy it.

The director says:

Awesome! - I am going to print this off and try to pay with it when I go shopping tomorrow.

A picture of the note can be found Here.