Game reports.

You can write the director a report about anything related to the game, an it'll go up here. Is your annonymous persona rampaging around Tokyo in frustration at not having the manual dexterity to craft a sculpture out of pixies? Let us know and we'll mention it!

Dates of reports are the date I put them on the site, not the date they happened. (It is hard to ascertain the latter in most cases.)

In general, I'll put up a report as soon as I get it, so that I don't forget later.

10/05/11: Silence Descends...

The director reports:

A Remarkably Quiet game... a little tooquiet. The first reports of activity only arrived as the game drew to a close.

10/05/11: Halcyon sent gifts to Dan Summers, Rosemary Warner and Zach Smith.

Halcyon reports:

So here goes the report for the various gifts:

In a monumental display of enthusiasm, I completed all three gifts this weekend! Admittedly one could have been sent sooner, but real life got in the way (it does that). So, having recreated my childhood FISH! are now swimming their way merrily down to Brighton for Dan Summers where hopefully he can catch them with the fishing rods provided. After much questing, a very special snowflake indeed with magical properties so that it would not melt in the post, was procured for Rosemary Warner.

For the final request, something a magician can use, the resulting gift got a little out of hand - I blame the magic involved personally. Having confided in a mutual friend of the recepient, said friend got excited and wanted to contribute (why didn't she sign up for the whole game says I!) and we got a little carried away. I'm not entirely sure whether involving an extra maker is cheating (can you cheat in a game you can't win?) but I justified it under the pretenses of sharing the socks and puppets present making joy (which is what its all about right?) and possibly encouraging said friend to actually sign up next time. The makers of the gift also acknowledge that the scale of the gift is also beyond what would typically be approved of for a socks and puppets gift (I said it got out of hand), so we would like the recepient to consider it a slightly belated birthday present too, and hope that the director doesn't disqualify us for it. On the plus side, it most definitely fits the brief...

The Director reports:

There's nothing wrong with getting help making stuff :)

10/05/11: Spiny Anteater sent gifts to Zach Smith, Christopher Smith and Tea Kew.

Spiny Anteater reports:

I have now made three presents:

With much love

Whatever my pseudonym was again

Chris Smith reports:

I'm resisting the urge to click the link to my first gift... it's sitting in my pidgeonhole behind the front desk right now until the morning.

The Director notes:

It doesn't make me any more comfortable knowing that is sitting in your pidgeonhole.

Chris Smith reports:


Okay so a million billion thank yous to Spiny Anteater. I got the teddy this morning and... wow. He's proud, alright.

He's made a friend, too.

The Director notes:

Why me?

It doesn't make me any more comfortable knowing that is sitting in your pidgeonhole.

10/05/11: Unexpected Flowering Haiku Technique made games out of this game for Dan Summers and Jon Ward.

Unexpected Flowering Haiku Technique reports:

Dan asked me for fish.
I think I made too many.
Oh well. Never mind.

"What gift would you like?"
"Cambrian Explosion please!"
"Okay, here you go."

11/05/11: NightMaster sent three gifts, to Sonja Dunbar, Jon Ward and the David Birch.

Nightmaster reports:

I have made the last one, Cumbrian exsplosion, unfortunatley I have only taken a photo of this one :( Sorry about that. I will sent it off in todays post.

David Birch reports:

Mischief! Mischief!

11/05/11: Santa Coatl also sent gifts to Tea Kew, Rosalind Irene Crane and Liam Brierley.

Santa Coatl reports:

I didn't realise I was meant to report when I sent things! Well I have. All my things. So there.

The Director reports:

We very much like photos of gifts, because then everyone can see how awesome you are :) - Also writings, because there exists a word-to-picture exchange rate. To be honest, everything you send me will go up on the page somewhere. :)

Rosalind Irene Crane reports:

I got my first gift today.
I present to you my evil unicon :D

11/05/11: The Director notes that Internet Explorer is still an absolute piece of rubbish.

The Director reports:

Just thought I'd share that with you all.

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The last update was on the 11th May 2010.
The director believes that something like 17/30 presents have been sent - but it's early days for reports.
The director believes that five players have sent all three gifts.
The director believes that all players have recieved a gift.