This is a game I invented in a caravan in Whitby sometime in 2004. To play you need a deck of cards and a method of scoring, either pen and paper or a cribbage board.


Standard Rules

Hawsker is a 2 player game that uses a standard 52 card deck. Begin the game by dealing 8 cards to each player. Both players then discard two cards face down and being a round of "pegging" - where each player takes it in turn to lay down cards and draw a new one. Once five plays have been made by each player, pegging ends and the players move on to scoring. Pegging is led by the player who is currently losing, at the start of a game, cut the pack to see who leads.

Legal plays: During pegging, legal plays are as follows:

Notes: If more than one card is used, only one card is drawn to replace it. If a player cannot play, pegging ends, they discard their hand and do not score any points. If a player empties their hand completely, pegging ends, they score the points value of their opponents hand and their opponent scores no points (this is called "Stealing").

Scoring: After both players make five plays, or pegging ends early, both players discard one more card and score their hands as follows:

Once both hands have been scored both players are dealt cards until they both have a hand of 8 cards again. You keep the cards you used to score.

Players play to 100 points, or 50 points for a short game. If both players pass the goal in the same scoring round the player with the most points wins. If the scores are tied another round is played to determine a winner, determining who leads at random.

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