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My name is Piccolo, and if you've found this then, well I must have dropped it. Please try and get it back to me if you can, because it's my diary, and I don't know what I'd do without it. While you're here, you may as well have a read, We don't have anything to hide. I'd love to tell you about the wonderful people I'm travelling, and the fantastic things we've seen anyway. Before You start on the diary though, you should have a look at the following, which should serve as some kind of introduction.

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to start travelling with what I like to call the Afterglow Expidition. It's all a bit complicated, and I'll let the diary explain what happened, but in essence AE is a group of heroes who were nice enough to invite me along and keep this diary. They're all a little busy saving the world to keep an account of it all, so I decided to do it for them. Let me introduce everyone.


"Just because someone's evil doesn't mean they're a bad person!"

Hi! This is me, Piccolo! I don't really know why the others invited me along on this journey since I'm not really very special, but I do cook and clean and try and keep everyone happy. I'm not very good in a fight, but I'm pretty good at teamwork. The members of AE will all tend to all do their own thing, so I have to shout at them to get them to work together. Together we can do anything!

Writer's Note: To describe Piccolo as "naive" would be like calling a turask "kinda big" - Piccolo is truly a kind and selfless soul, one who spends her every waking moment trying to make people happy. Her attitude towards life is best described as "happy-go-lucky" and she can only see the good in people. I mention this for two reasons: Firstly, as a "Warlord" Piccolo is a tactical genius, something that is very apparent, so it could seem odd that she might wander undefended into a hobgoblin camp just to ask for directions. To understand this, you have to know that she would never consider that they might attack her until they did; Secondly, you have to view her opinions of the rest of the group in this light, since quite often Piccolo is too innocent to really know what they're up to.


"In your face! And your mother's too!"

That's Ayeena, she's so beautiful! I wish I could be that beautiful, but everyone just thinks I'm cute. Anyway, Ayeena kind of glows sometimes, which is handy because she's the leader of our group and it makes her easy to find. She's also very good at distracting monsters, and talking to important people. She's a bit of a sourpuss though, I wish she'd smile more often.


"Stop it! I'm evil! I'm just here for the killing!"

Argent is a bit weird, she looks scary, but she's nice really. She tells everyone she's evil in case her parents find out what she's doing. Oh! also she's the best magic user you'll ever see. Her wand looks a bit like it's a bone from a human, but she said her mum gave it to her, so I suppose that's not really her fault. Argent's really good at magic, which I suppose is why she's along. Ayeena doesn't like her very much, I think it's the horns.


"I've never eated gelatinous cube before... what's it taste like?"

Terato is the the best archer in the world! He made his own bow and everything. The others all call him Terry, I'm not sure why though. Terato catches all of our food when we're "roughing it" and he can make nearly anything edible... well for him at least, I don't know how he manages to eat skitterers, those things give me the creeps. He's very quiet, but I think that's just because he's shy.


"Impossible just means it hasn't been done yet."

Marigold is my best friend in all the world. Ayeena brought her along because she can run really fast, and do anything if she sets her mind to it. She's also the best person I've ever seen with a knife, and she's not scared of anything.


"Everyone has their price. Some just prefer to pay in blood."

Everyone loves Vincent, he's the healer in the group, so without him we'd be in real trouble. He laughs very loudly when he's fighting, I suppose its to keep his spirits up, since fighting can be quite scary to some people. I don't think he likes Ayeena very much, but that might be because he keeps having to heal her a lot more than anyone else.