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Year 120: Kythorn 3

Dear Diary.

I had thought today would be a quiet day, but as I was doing my evening sandwich round, Famer Oswald burst into the inn all a fluster. He looked terrified! poor dear. He said he'd seen skitterers in one of the sheep pens. Well, it was probably just shadows, but Ayeena jumped to her feet and charged off to deal with it. So brave! (although I do wish she'd eaten her sandwich first, for all she says the others need feeding more, she's going to starve one of these days.)

Ayeena's strong enough to take on a dragon, but I thought I'd keep up with her anyway, that way I could keep any villagers out of the way while she dealt with the problem, whatever it was. Also, sometimes she gets a little... overzealous, so I chivvied up some support before catching her up. When we got to the sheep pen, we saw three of the things fighting over one of the sheep, poor thing. Looks like Oswald was right after all. My guess was that we weren't going to save the little sheep, and it was in pain, so I did it the kindest service I could. Luckily this saved the others from being surprised by the extra skitterers in the sheep's wooly coat and provided enough light for the others to take the skitterers out. Those things give me the creeps.

When they were taken down, Terato and Vincent started discussing the best way to cook and eat the skitterers. Ewww. I went to talk to the other sheep so I wouldn't have to listen, but they all looked a bit poorly. When I mentionned this, Ayeena again saved the day by curing the entire flock of diseases. It looked a bit like this:

The whole scene was quite pretty to watch... that is until all the sheep started pooping everywhere. Guess they had more of the creepy bugs inside them, and this was the fastest way to get rid of them. Argent and Ayeena pretty much took out the whole swarm by themselves, but Vincent did kick a sheep into it during the fight. He must have been trying to distract the bugs from going after Ayeena, since she was looking pretty beaten up by then. While I know he meant well by it, I think we'd have beaten the bugs without having to lose the sheep.

Oh well. We saved them mostly. Time for a long hot bath and a good night's sleep. See you tomorrow!