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Year 120: Flamerule 6

The nomads are as concerned about the drow as we are. Maybe Vincent exaggerated a little bit when he was explaining how they would spread over the usrface world and take the nomads as slaves, but they've agreed to do what they can to help us. We don't have any plans I like though, most of them involve trickery or deception, and none of them look like they'll actually work. Nevertheless, with the combined might of Hollow, Scardale Keep and the Nomads, we might hold out, for a little while. For now, they will continue around their migration route, the mimics cannot leave the magic for long, but they will come when they are needed.

Oh! Argent did a ritual and translated the writings on my sword, they read "Take me up" on one side, and "cast me aside" on the other. No help there then. I'm sure I've read something similar in a book somewhere, but I just can't remember where. In return, I'm teaching her a little bit of elvish. Argent doesn't seem quite so distant any more, since we joined the caravan she's hardly spent a moment by herself.

Today, the nomads are showing us an abandonned elven tower, they say it's beautiful, despite being a ruin. Apparently the place was an acient temple to Lathander, and no-one's ever entered it, at least not in recent times. Perhaps when we get there we can explore and find something to use against the Drow?

It was beautiful. I say "was" because it's currently black. Entirely black. The hand of something unsettling and evil has cast its shadow over the temple, and it is... wrong. I mean, if a big black shadow suddenly covered everything, you're bound to think that's a little wrong, wouldn't you? That's not what I mean though, just the sight of the place evokes a nagging feeling of... wrongness. I know that this is something we have to fix.

As I write this, we've done a quick clear-out of the ground floor. There was something horrible and black stuck over everything in the storeroom, and something smelly asted over all the windows. Both of these problems have been cleaned up, and Vincent has taken a few things from the temple, saying he can use them for a great good. I'm a little worried he might have made Lathander a bit angry, but he's a lot bigger than me, so I can't really stop him.

The last thing we found on the ground floor... found us. It was a big ball of yellow goopy slime that split up into four pieces, or was it five? I'm not sure, it came at us kind of fast, and moved with an intelligence I don't normally associate with puddles. The stuff was pretty acidic, and got everywhere. I managed to avoid the worst of it, but they seemed quite attracted to Vincent, who nearly drowned in the stuff. We just about managed to et him out of there and destroy the stuff before anything really bad happened.

Now we've finished looking over the bottom floor and cleaning everything up, we've got a decision to make, up, or down? it seems this place has a basement as well as a tower.