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Year 120: Flamerule 30: Evening.

The first thing I noticed on entering the town was that there were bones. A lot of bones. The ground was liberally coated with them. Several of the newer bones were gnoll bones, no wonder they hadn't build a raiding village here. I started to count how many there were, to guess how many bodies it would take to make this, but after a while I gave up, there were just too many, maybe tens of thousands - and the others still wanted to check it out?

Anyway, we weren't getting anything done standing around, so we headed onwards. The first order of business was to clear out a guard-tower near the entrance of the town, from there we'd get a good viewpoint of the rest of the town. the first floor of the structure was guarded by a large number of skeletons affixed to strange wooden frames to keep them upright. Those were hardly needed, as the skeletons came to life, and attacked.

We might not have a wizard in our group, but the amount of arcane energy we can throw around is large, and the skeletons stood no chance. In the top of the tower there was a more interesting guest waiting for us. It looked like someone had been using the top of this tower as a lab to cronstruct some kind of weapon, a large golem, constructed entirely from bones. Argent and I decided that the thing was evil and needed destroying, so we decided to disenchant it. In the meantime, Vincent and Terry went to scout out the local area, Ayeena stood guard.

We decideed to make a cloak for Marigold, the poor girl hardly has anything to wear and she gets cold easily. When we were partway through the ritual, marigold climbed into the shell of the golem, looking increasingly perplexed as the construction slowly dissolved into glowing motes of dust and settled around her shoulders. In the end the golem was gone, and a confused marigold was standing in the room wearing a grey cloak.

It seems that while my efforts had gone into making the attire useful to Marigold, Argent's time had been spent making the cloak look as sinister as possible. Perhaps the idea is to make her look intimidating to her enemies, and therefore offer her some advantage in battle, but I don't think anyone would ever be afraid of Marigold unless they'd already seen what she can do with those knives. Fortunately the cloak also makes her harder to spot, which was kind of the point.

Terry and Vincent had managed to find out that... let me see if I got this right, they'd manage to find that there were several invisible patrols roaming the town. With their guidance we avoided them all. We headed towards the town hall, the most likely place to find another teleportation circle. The other option was a wizard tower at the far end of the town, but the town hall was on the way.

Near to the town hall, we happened upon a couple of spectres like the one we fought in highglum monastery. I'm glad we did, because it let me overcome my fear of the thing. Fighting more spectres was a cinch, we took them apart in moments. During the fight Ayeena even sprouted glowing wings and took one down with a flying charge! - Afterwards she just put them away again and carried on as if nothing had happened, so I guess this is something she's going to do on a regular basis. I'll have to bear that in mind.

Spectres dealt with, we progressed on to the town hall. There was a skeleton out front on guard, so we decided to entertain Marigold's love of sneaking around, and went around back. The door was blocked by something, so Marigold went to check the wondow, and promptly got grabbed by a couple of skeletons and a ghost.

The ensuing fight was long and painful, I did manage to save Marigold from the undead, and in the process I took quite a lot more of a beating than she did, but we're both fine now. These undead were organised, they had tactics and used them to great effect, none of us escaped the battle unscathed. Something has to be controlling them, training them, organising them. I guess the town hall is a good place to start looking. I've had just enough time to catch my breath, and write this down, so we're going to clear the rest of this place out.