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Dearest Marigold.

How are things? I've not heard from you since your baby came. Vincent tells me that there's another one on the way. I really must visit you some time, the others say that the tavern is simply lovely since you finished the restoration work. I'll be able to find it, I've got the mug. I must admit that I've been avoiding the place entirely, because I'm still terrified of the dreams that place gave me, but that's a rather silly reason not to visit, so I should really get over it and come for a good natter.

I've had a wonderful last few months, Travelling with the Free is so liberating, the places we've been and the things I've seen compare quite nicely to what we saw on our adventures together. There's rarely any danger travelling in such a large group. They like having me along, I have official robes now and everything. I'm told that the symbols read "Knight Commander Piccolo." which is quite nice. I'm learning to read their symbols a little, but it's slow going.

You asked me to tell you if I met any new cultures or people. There hasn't been much news on that front I'm afraid. I think there's some civilisation on the far side of the orcish badlands, but the few people I've met who speak common have attacked me when I tell them my name. I'm not really sure what's going on there, but either word of our adventures has somehow spread, and they are friends with the drow, or they're just really unfriendly. I'l keep an eye out and see if anything comes of it.

Speaking of the drow, I bumped into Korbek Zim the other day. He managed to sneak back to the city after his "kidnap" without taking any of the blame for the defeat. He likes visiting the surface though, and I met him near the old temple of Amaunator in the desert. He tells me that the worshippers of Veron are firmly in charge down there now, and that the princess and her handmaidens are all dead. They've resolved to leave us alone for now - apparently we're just too much trouble.

Terato's moving back to your area. He says he doesn't like "civilisation" all that much, and would rather hunt somewhere where there's forests. I guess he and Breakfast will be visiting you quite regularly. Vincent's got a shrine near Hollow that he keeps hasn't he? Perhaps they'll come around for drinks and reminiscing. Get Vincent to call me on Anaris if you're getting together, I'd love to meet up.

Argent's finished work on her tower and workshop now. It's just down the street from the Temple of Mystra we found in the ruined city in Yare. She refuses to let me in any more when I visit, insisting that we go chat somewhere else instead.

Ayeena's doing great. I have to drop in and visit every few months, apparently the sight of me wandering around the fields there keeps the gnolls away, and the citizens happy. I'm happy she's in charge and everything, but she's overprotective of them. I don't visiting mind too much though, it lets me catch up, and visit the dwarves as well. There hasn't been a gnoll attack for almost half a year now. I think they've learned their lesson.

Are you sure you don't want one of Anaris' squirrels? We could chat every day if you would let one in your tavern. I know she's a bit condescending, but it really would make me feel better to know I could call you if an emergency happened. Think it over. Anyway, I'll be passing sometime in the summer, I need to visit Erthaus, and your place isn't far from the turning into the forest. See you then!