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So what's this all reallyabout then?
To be honest, the primary purpose of this diary is to serve as a vehicle for my drawing and writing skills. I've never really had a serious go at drawing, so I thought I'd give it a shot, and my writing skills are terrible at best. Hopefully over the course of this diary you'll see both improve.

What's with the characters? The plot? The world?
I don't have a lot of control over most of this, remember that while Piccolo is my character, there are seven people playing this game, and I'm pretty much restricted to what Piccolo is doing. If Ayeena and Argent have a hair-pulling contest, that's probaby not my fault.

Why DnD4? Why this campaign? Why draw sessions from a roleplaying game at all?
I always find the hardest thing about drawing is finding subject matter. To be honest, what I mostly want is practice. it doesn't really matter what I draw or write about, so long as I have a creative outlet. A weekly campaign gives me a ready supply of material to talk about without having to think it up as well as draw it, so it's good for me. In addition, DnD lends itself to quite a lot of dramatic posing, so I get to draw people doing exciting varied things. Rather than standing around talking. Drawing the same characters over and over means I can improve as I go along.

How long is this likely to run for?
In all honesty, I don't know. The campaign will run until we all get bored. I do hope this will be all the way through, but situations change, and a campaign that long would run for several years (especially at our glacial pace.) I don't have a problem with this, but things can change a lot. In all honesty, I'm likely to get very busy when term starts up, I don't know if I'll have time to keep this updated properly.

Why is Piccolo such an idiot?
Piccolo isn't stupid she's just... special. I thought it was funny at the time.

I can't tell what's really going on!
That's not a question, but I get your meaning. If (for some reason) you want a detailed breakdown of the sessions, I'd suggest the session reports on CURSwiki. I'll try and move them to this website at some point.

Your monsters are terrible! that's not what a lesser-snargleflax looks like!
Yeah, but fortunately all the monsters are horribly mutated due to all the magical radiation. Also, you made the lesser-snargleflax up, admit it. Just be happy they're not all MonkeyBees.

They already did the joke in the adventures of chibiglow 1 in OOTS. And Goblins.
Yes, I know. I drew it because it happened in the session (exactly like that) and I thought it was funny.

Can I use your artwork for my website/case study/T-shirts/leaflets/science fair project?
What the hell? - Okay, with the following provisos.

Do you have higher resolution images for any of these images?
I do keep all the original scans at 600DPI, which means they're about 12 times as big as the images here. I'll sometimes have post processed an image quite a lot to get what's here, but if you want the original scan for anything, drop me an email and I'll send them to you.

Do you sell the original artwork?
If you really want an original, just ask me, I generally prefer to swap them for something creative you've done.

What's with the power cards?
I find the easiest way to organise my abilities for this game is to keep them all on small quote cards, with the text of the power on them. It turns out that the other side was blank, so I started drawing pictures. In fact this whole diary-thing started with Piccolo's power cards.

Can you make me a set of powercards?
Yes. Will I make you a set of power cards? probably not. The power cards (in fact all the artwork) take me an awfully long time to create. I'll make you a set of power cards in exchange for you making me something, get in touch and we can talk it over :)

Do you do comissioned artwork
Sure, why not? - You should probably talk to like, a real artist or something, but I'll draw individual stuff people want me to.

I want to contribute/draw fanart/get involved/make a parody
Go ahead. If you send it to me, I'll stick it on the site.