100 Bags of Holding

DM: Want to add some flavour to your bag of holding? Roll D100 on this table! (For ease of reading, "bag" always means "bag of holding" within this document.)

  1. All items placed within this bag acquire the taste of a random sweet foodstuff. Choose the first foodstuff consumed in a session for that session. Do not tell the players what causes the random flavour changes.
  2. This bag cannot hold magic items.
  3. When this bag is turned inside out, it becomes a bunch of flowers. It is... somehow possible to turn the flowers inside out to obtain the bag.
  4. The only way to retrieve an item from this bag is to shake it so that it deposits all items onto the ground. However, this bag can hold a much larger capacity than normal.
  5. This bag can hold any volume of items, but it doesn't reduce the weight in any way.
  6. This bag has a small resident pixie that lives inside it and refuses to come out. His name is Ned, and he is an enthusiastic amateur fashion designer, and will re-tailor any clothing placed inside the bag to better suit his sense of style, which is terrible. He can be reasonned with but he is extremely touchy about his fashion sense.
  7. Items retrieved from this bag are set on fire as they are removed.
  8. This bag complains at the players unless the contents are stored in an organised fashion.
  9. This bag doubles as a bag of tricks, disgorging a small fluffy animal whenever an item is removed.
  10. This bag makes sound effects whenever items are placed inside it or removed.
  11. This bag contains a 100 floor dungeon that can only be exited on each tenth floor. Completing the dungeon turns the bag into an artefact superbag that contains every item in the universe, but only one item may ever be removed from it before it reverts to its initial state.
  12. When the party are asleep, this bag tries to creep away with its contents. It can be kept in check by ensuring it has a leash, but the party need to notice they have to do this.
  13. This bag only contains another small bag, which in turn contains another small bag, there is an infinate nest of bags available, but the volume of each is restricted to about one cubic foot.
  14. This bag will only release items if paid a copper piece (that cannot be retrieved.)
  15. No matter how many items are removed from this bag, it always contains an orange, and two small screws.
  16. This bag changes its appearance to a new one whenever it is turned inside out.
  17. Items may only be retrieved from this bag if it is currently stored within the trousers of a humanoid.
  18. Items retrieved from this bag glow a disgusting shade of pink for five minutes after removal.
  19. Any appropriate item retrieved from this bag now contains a label or mark that claims the item is the property of a nearby institution, and should not be removed.
  20. Documents placed within this bag are translated into a new random language the first time they are placed inside it.
  21. This bag can only be used to store people... or bodies. People inside the bag do not need to eat or drink however.
  22. This bag must be complimented in a genuine fashion in order to open.
  23. It is very dark inside this bag, you can't see what you're retrieving, and you're never entirely sure it's empty...
  24. This is a pair of bags that share their contents.
  25. You are convinced that any item within this bag of holding is actually worthless junk, and so there is no point retrieving. However, if you have an item of value you do want to store in it, you feel that it's best to remove the current contents first... to make space of course.
  26. This bag of holding contains a volume of water, not air. Other than that it functions as normal.
  27. This bag has a small resident pixie called Jennifer who has a label gun and an overwhelming desire to use it on everything.
  28. Items retrieved from this bag are suspiciously clean.
  29. This bag can only be used to store and retrieve metaphors or conceptual ideas.
  30. While open, this bag plays appropriate background music for the current situation.
  31. For some reason, it seems that goblins are always trying to steal this bag in the most incompetent fashion possible.
  32. Items can only be retrieved from this bag using a long metal hook.
  33. This bag demands blood! whenever you store an item in it or retrieve an item from it, you take 1 hitpoint of damage.
  34. Only the ugliest member of the party can put items into this bag. Only the prettiest member of the party can take items out of it.
  35. This bag magically foils all attempts to do unusual things with it.
  36. You may only attempt to remove one item from this bag per round, but it is a free action to do so, however, to suceed you must beat the GM at rock-paper-scissors.
  37. This bag is an entirely ordinary bag, but was previously being used by the monster keeper at an arena to sweep excrement into.
  38. This bag must be unpacked whenever the party camps.
  39. This bag has the appearance of a top hat.
  40. All items retrieved from this bag are gift-wrapped.
  41. This bag is sarcastic. This doesn't seem to do anything, you're just sure that it's being sarcastic at you.
  42. This bag always contains an accurate report of everything the party has done, so long as it was done in the presence of the bag.
  43. This bag will always contain incriminating evidence if it is searched by any legal authority.
  44. This bag appears to be a large sack-shaped net. Small items fall out through the holes.
  45. Items retrieved from this bag are always soggy, even if this makes no sense.
  46. This bag has a small resident pixie called Hawthorne, who is a skilled and enthusiastic graffiti artist.
  47. Party members must pass a saving throw to remember where they last put this bag, but it can never be lost.
  48. This bag contains a rope of seemingly infinate length, and the other end of the rope is impossible to find. The rope vanishes as soon as the party try to cut it.
  49. Items can only be removed from this bag if it is not expecting to be used. The players should be encouraged to exclaim "Aha!" loudly when using it.
  50. It is impossible to find an item in the bag of holding if any of the party have recently mentionned that item.
  51. Items removed from this bag are very small, and take a full minute to grow back to their normal size.
  52. The bottom of this bag is lined with fertile soil. Plants that are grown in this soil are extremely lush and fruitful.
  53. This bag has big googly eyes and a lopsided grin that's very cute. The expression changes to one of constipation whenever anyone is rummaging within it.
  54. Ranged weapons removed from this bag are automatically loaded. Additionally, if the bag contains any ranged weapon, it can be used to fire the weapon out of the opening remotely, with a simple keyword.
  55. This bag has the appearance of a box with wheels and a long handle, and can never be removed from the floor.
  56. People that fall into this bag take no falling damage. The party find this bag in the stockroom of a circus tent.
  57. Anything within 10ft of this bag makes no sound when it is open.
  58. This bag is invisible, which is very confusing.
  59. Items retrieved from this bag act as if under the prestidigitation spell for a short while.
  60. Items must be retrieved from this bag in the reverse order that they were put into it.
  61. This bag behaves normally, but anyone who looks inside it goes briefly insane.
  62. If you tip this bag over someone's head, it disgorges a large quantity of custard, despite not appearing to contain any. The custard is actually very wholesome, and can be used as party rations if the situation is desperate enough.
  63. Items placed within this bag cannot be retrieved unless at least a week has passed since they were put in it.
  64. Wierdly, if this bag is used to cover someone's head, they know exactly where they are going.
  65. This bag has a small resident pixie called Roselina, who confiscates any item that you would expect your schoolteacher to confiscate.
  66. Items dropped into this bag suddenly exit it at twice the velocity they entered it. Fortunately, it always seems impossible to catch an item in the bag if it was recently inside it.
  67. The party was actually inside this bag all along, they just never realised it. Turning the bag inside out places them in the real world, where the quest can truly begin.
  68. Any weapon placed inside this bag is transformed into a small cuddly toy. It is impossible to put magic items inside this bag at all.
  69. No merchant will ever buy an item that has been inside this bag, although it is unclear why this happens.
  70. This bag comes with a very long, complex and boring set of safety instructions, in addition, it will only work for someone who has read all of them, and understood them.
  71. There is a very complicated magical lock on this bag preventing it from being opened, and the key is inside. There must be some way to get it out...
  72. Items retrieved from this bag come out in a neat little parcel that also contains an apple and two bland sandwiches, unless an apple or a sandwich was being retrieved, in which case the item is retrieved with a very large number of napkins.
  73. Items retrieved from this bag are caked in a thick layer of dust.
  74. This bag whistles extremely loudly when open, but outside of the hearing range of the characters. The sound serves as an alert to nearby monsters though.
  75. Items retrieved from this bag smell very strongly of mint.
  76. This bag has a resident pixie called Holly. She will fix anything broken that is placed within the bag given enough time, but gets grumpy if she hasn't been recently fed aniseed.
  77. Items can only be retrieved from this bag before they were put into the bag. The bag starts with all the mundane items from the inventory of the player's handbook, but if the characters ever cause a situation that would make it impossible to return an item to the bag, it explodes, causing 1D20 paradox damage to anyone within 2 squares.
  78. Any character who ends up inside this bag exists it with a radically different hairstyle. This can be put to use if the party need to disguise themselves quickly.
  79. Items retrieved from this bag are different versions than were placed in it. For example, a pair of scissors will always remain a pair of scissors, but when retrieved, it will be a different shape, size and colour than it was when it went in.
  80. This bag works on voice command only, and the commands must be given in a loud commanding voice for it to work.
  81. This bag always seems to be trapped, however the traps are very simple and easy to disarm.
  82. It is only possible to retrieve items from this bag with both hands.
  83. It is not possible to place items into this bag if anyone is standing within three feet of it.
  84. Items placed in this bag have a small chance of breaking unless they are fragile, in which case they are preserved in perfect condition.
  85. There is a very strong echo in the vicinity of this bag when it is open.
  86. This bag has a small resident pixie called Olimar, who is convinced that the items the party place in the bag are all part of a complicated conspiracy theory on the part of the party.
  87. This bag does not function during full moon.
  88. While this bag is open, valuable loot nearby is inexorably drawn towards it.
  89. This bag will only operate for people of the same alignment as the first member of the aprty to touch it.
  90. This bag comments regularly on the choice of items you store in it, its opinions appear to be almost entirely random and irrelevant.
  91. Food items placed within this bag are consumed.
  92. When a character tries to retrieve an item from this bag, it holds on very tightly to the item for a moment, then suddenly releases it, knocking the character off balance unless they make a save.
  93. This bag floats just above head height, making it very awkward to put things in it or take them out. A piece of string dangles from it so it can be towed like a baloon.
  94. This bag always contains exactly one book that its holder hasn't ever read. If the book is removed, then nothing can be placed inside the bag or removed from it until the book is returned.
  95. The bottom of this bag is coated with a thick layer of green goopy gunge that the user must reach into in order to retrieve an item.
  96. It is only possible to take items out of this bag if no items have been placed within it today, and vice-versa.
  97. It is impossible to take items out of this bag, or to put items into the bag unless at least three people work together to do it.
  98. This bag always contains a spare set of inappropriate clothing.
  99. This bag makes an incredibly loud belching noise whenever items are placed inside it.
  100. This bag is labelled HANDLE WITH CARE in large red letters, it also doubles as a portable hole.

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