Being a collection of creative works I made.


By popular demand: Yes, I do commission work.


For an A4 page of medium complexity:
Pencils: 10 | Ink outlines: 12.50 | Shade: 15


If you're still interested, then I can be contacted at dtb26@cantab.net

Non-Commissioned work.

Everything I've ever drawn exists both as a 600dpi high res scan, and as a physical piece of paper. If you need a high-res scan of anything, just ask and I'll send it over. If you want an original: In the case where someone suggested the picture (such as APM), or is the subject of it, then I will usually try to give them the physical copy to keep. All other images are available on a free-for-all first-come-first-served basis. If you want anything, just ask and I'll dig it out for you.

In return, I would usually ask for an art trade. I'm happy to accept any creative effort in any medium so long as the effort involved is similar to that of the work I'm trading for it. Physical art, music, photography, creative writing, sculpture, crafting, anything. I don't mind. Anything will do. If you really, really don't have anything you want to offer, then we can negotiate something else. Again, just drop me an email.

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