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Year 120: Eleasis 8:

Auto-bard active. Engage heroic fable.

Pure, sweet Piccolo drew breath once more as the last of the gnoll guardsmen at the door to the longhouse fell, the blood of her slain foes dripped from the tip of her whip leaving a trail of tiny crimson droplets on the timbered floor. She pushed boldly onwards to the next door, her flame hair streaming out behind her like a banner proclaiming her desire, her anxiety to end the tyranny of the dark king before he had opportunity to cause further depravity. Glancing back over her shoulder, her green eyes flashed as she saw that her allies were tiring. As strong as their resolve was, they were unable to keep her furious pace. In her wisdom she called a brief halt in the guardroom to take stock. While her friends took a moment to catch their breath, she drew the dark mistress of magick to one side for private counsel.

Change of artistic direction: Engage dialogue reporting.

Argent: Is that better for you?
Piccolo: It doesn't seem to be writing prose any more, just copying down what we say. Do you think it'll make a record of anything we do?
Argent: I rather doubt it, this looks like it'll just keep track of anything you say.
Piccolo: Well, at least it's stopped writing like I'm some sort of demigod... when I saw all that I was so embarassed! What'd people think if they read that and then met me? Wouldn't they so disappointed to see a scruffy little girl instead of a legendary hero? I think I'd have to die from the shame.
Argent: You do realise that it's writing down everything you say?
Piccolo: Well, that can't be as bad as... oh... I see... ...
Argent: ...
Piccolo: ...

Piccolo: Okay. Change it to something else... it's starting to freak me out.
Argent: You'd like me to put it back into hero mode?
Piccolo: NO! no... I can't deal with all that "Piccolo's-so-glorious" stuff. Can you make it write... you know... "Piccolo ran away, Vincent killed a gnoll, Ayeena tried to get everyone to kill her, Vincent killed another gnoll, Marigold saved the day." and so on? Actually, I know! Can you make it write like before? just without any adjectives?
Argent: It can't do that. It is a bard, after all.
Piccolo: Okay, okay! Just... just find a way to make it copy down what happens... in a way that's fair to everyone.

Change of artistic direction: Autobard first person.

2:15 am: The warlock Argent is adjusting my operatio-

Change of artistic direction: Creating sketches of important events.