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Year 120: Eleasis 8-11:

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Having defeated the majority of the Gnolls within the stronghold, the heroes of hollow proceeded to chase the gnoll king (who had escaped during the conflict) down a secret passage. Below the city of Yare they discovered an intricate tunnel system containing several traps and gnolls, but eventually after avoiding most of them they caught up with the king and confronted him. Following the combat Vincent recieved a blessing from his lord Malar.

In order to sew further dissent amongst the ranks of the gnolls, Argent took the tails of the defeated gnolls, and using their own blood painted a message on the wall to intimidate them, and cause them to argue. The message read as follows.

The heroes proceeded to follow the tunnel system to the surface via a dire badger set (which was empty at the time) and found it led to the surface near the city. Notably, the tunnel system contained a large cavern below the peasant section of Yare, that contained a lake. The wells in the peasant quarter took water from this underground lake. The party proceeded to find their dwarven scout allies, and settled down for the night.

The following morning, the heroes devised the following plan.

The heroes proceeded to enact this plan in an efficient manner, although with a few additional fights along the way as they discovered resistance. The first was in the form of a significant number of gnolls guarding the barn where they needed the equipment. The second fight they had expected, and resulted in the defeat of the entire gnollish leadership. In addition, they also fought against some snakes, some slaad tadpoles and a large amount of brown mold in the gnoll basement system, as they explored it for anything useful.

Finally, after clearing out the tunnel system of all resistance, the heroes came across the Gnoll King's vault, and checked it over for treasure. In addition to the King's sword, cloak and armour that they had found earlier, they also found several magical gems, and a arcane map of locations for the magical transport network - a treasure immeasurable in value. Finally, the party came across a magical battle standard, that they would proceed to use to instill fear into the hearts of gnolls everywhere.