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Year 120: Eleasis 14 - night:

A war council was held. The layout of the city, the tunnels, and the nearby land were considered, and when everything was laid out, the attack strategy was clear. The dwarves, being excellent underground and city fighters, would infiltrate the gnollish holdings through the tunnel, and destroy their forces from the inside. If nothing else, this would ensure that every defensive position would be easy to take, and provide useful for the next stage of the fight.

Change of artistic direction: Report events from the perspective of the monsters.

Recent events have been turbulent. It appears that a small group of humanoids have been disturbing an area near the nest. They may have discovered the nest, but so far have been sensible enough not to disturb it, lest they arouse my wrath. I hope the little ones will be safe.

What's that I hear? my cunning senses report that they are back once again. If only my poor badger ears could understand the gutteral tongue of the humanoids, I'm sure I'd hear them discussing the problem of passing an entire army of dwarves past the nest without arousing attack - and then concluding that the best method would be to slaughter me and my entire family before it became an issue. Sadly though, all I can do is smell the adreneline building in them, and the fear that surrounds one of the smaller ones as they approach. Well, the armour on my back and the large spikes on my head should prove sufficient to dissuade them

(Expletives removed) - the big one in the big metal carapace is blocking our exit while the rest shoot at us. Well, let's see how she fares against the aroused might of the entire set!

Change of artistic direction: Piccolo's perspective.

Well, that was pretty terrifying, especially when so many of them poured out of the tunnel to push Ayeena across the room. The sense of terror that wells up within me whenever I get into a fight has subsided, and now I feel really guilty that we've killed all these poor animals. Terry has rescued one of the babies, and is trying to convince it to follow him. It's actually quite cute when not enraged. (Although it's as big as a goat, and only a baby.)

Terato wans to call him "Taak" - but that doesn't sound cute enough for him. I think I'll call him 'Breakfast'. Aw look! he's smiling!