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Year 120: Eleasis 19:

Auto-bard active. Awaiting dictation

Piccolo: Hello? Hello? Is this workin- oh good. It seems you're wo- yes, okay, you're just writing down everything I say? Good. How do I make you-

Argent: -Again.

Piccolo: Okay, I guess that makes sense Argent. Thanks again.

Oh very funny. Right, where am I? yes. Dictation. Hello diary. It seems Argent has set you up to record what I tell you to, with some voice commands. I suppose this'll take some getting used to. I haven't figured out how to make you start a-

-yet. Right okay. Got it. Okay, this page is a mess. I'll remove it when someone tells me how to do it. For now let's just write down what's going on.

Argent told me that the parasite was sucessfully removed, so that's good. I guess. No more destiny for me! Hooray! Fortunately it doesn't seem to have affected the dwarves opinion of us either, although they did look a bit funny at my hair. Argent still won't tell me why it happened, but she did at least get the Autobard working again. Now-

The dwa- hmm. Close enough. The dwarves have checked up on the remaining villages. One of them seems mostly fine, but the other slaughtered their slaves before heading out to confront Yare. I wanted to cry, but that wouldn't have looked good in front of the elders, so I bit my lip and held it in until I could find a quiet corner to sit in. So... many lives.


Right. Yes. Oh dear. I really will need to remove this page and start over, won't I? What else? oh yes. We've arranged matters in Yare so that the people here should be able to survive the coming winter, and fend for themselves in the future. We're leaving a few of the dwarves to make sure everything goes smoothly, and the rest march on Hollow to confront the biggest threat to civilisation as we know it. The elders tell me that Yare will be the place they settle, and that they follow me to this war in thanks for me leading them to their new homeland. Once the drow are dealt with, they will return here, and live in the ruined cities, while the humans work farms out of the Gnoll stronghold and villages. Between the two groups, they should be able to co-exist and provide each other with the things they need to survive. So a happy end for Yare, of sorts. Yes, that looks good. I feel better now.

In the morning, we will head on ahead to Hollow. Argent thinks we can use a teleportation circle to get to a forest near to Scardale Keep, where we can catch up on events closer to home. The Dwarves can catch us up - they have directions.

Year 120: Eleasis 20:

Today we made our farewells. I gave Piper to the elders so that they could keep in contact with us. Since we're going to Scardale Keep, we can pick up another, and through that keep track of the Dwarves' progress. I provided the elders with our code system. If you're reading this Anaris, no I'm not stupid enough to write down what our code system is. You'll have to do better than that.

We headed back out to the nearest teleportation circle, and Argent used it to take us to the forest, where we were imediately greeted by... fungus.

I say fungus, it was more, an amalgamation of fungal... stuff... walking and throwing sticky... stuff... at us. I sliced the biggest of them in two during the fight, and it exploded, everywhere, somewhat firmly sticking me to a tree, where I missed the rest of the fight entirely.

Vincent and Argent figured out what was going on. The forest we're in is an old elf forest, it's guardian is long dead (yet another missed opportunity to meet a real elf.) - but still looks after the forest in spirit. Or something. I don't really seem to understand magic like I used to. That's probably a good thing? I don't know

Anyway, by touching a spore, we gain the ability to communicate with the forest. I've put one in my hair at my temple, and as such we've brokered a deal with the forest. It seems that the forest doesn't want disturbing, although since we are small, and have some semblance of politeness, it's willing to deal with us. It'll grant us passage through the forest between the edge and the teleportation circle, but in return, we've agreed to rid it of some of its newest residents. A pair of deplorable green dragons that have taken over the sacred grove in the centre of the forest to use as a nest.

Dragons... The last one we met was terrifying, but friendly. From what the forest says, I don't think we'll be able to treat with these ones, so it looks like we better prepare for a fight. Tymora protect us.