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The return to Scardale keep was a mixed affair, the people welcommed us with open arms, but the atmosphere was a little muted, and we were informed that we needed to speak with the council as soon as we arrived. Upon meeting with them, we were immediately sent t speak with the mage and Anaris.

Anaris informed us that her scouts had sensed some unusual presences in the tunnels below Scardale Keep, and that any investigation she had performed had been met with destruction. As such she hadn't sent too much more to find out what was doing the killing, but she was worried all the same.

Fearing that the drow might have ranged this far from their city, we resolved to investigate the tunnels, although Ayeena feared a trap.

Heading to the place where Anaris was having most difficulties, we came accross a cavern which contained several carrion crawlers and otyugh. The battle that followed has got to go down as the smelliest, nastiest fight I've ever been a part of, and I doubt my nose will ever fully recover.