Art Project March

APM day 1
Unsure as to what this was about? Check the pitch.

01 March:

Luke Corteen suggested that we deal in Luciferous Logolepsy.
Yeah, I needed to google it.

The phrase means something along the lines of "illuminating a love of obscure words" - Here are two obscure words for you.
A "Feasing" is the part of a piece of string or rope that's frayed at the end. (plural: Feasings)
A "Swailing" is a small drop or dribble of wax that has fallen from a candle.
Oh, and a "smut" is what's left of a candle once it's burned out.

Ania managed to get the first image of APM, sending me a picture of a Lamia.

Lamia: n. - mythical monster with snake's body and woman's head and breast.
A6 heavy-ish paper
Faber Castell 8 PITT artist pen "manga set"

Duckbunny made an awesome picture out of beads.

Today I learned that square-stitch is, compared to loom-weaving, painfully slow.

Salavant sent me a comic!

Err, here's my Day 1 APM submission. Apologies for it being a puerile joke.

Khimaera sent me an awesome digital picture.

chthonic: adj. - dwelling or reigning in the underworld as deities or as spirits; infernal; ghostly.

Zebbie sent me a portrait.

Samuel Johnson is justifiably famous for his Luciferous Logolepsy.

Chess sent me... What is this, I don't even...

Dan gave me his sketchbook to scan. This picture is beautiful, but most of the detail is beyond the resolution of my scanner.

Alex used some words I had to look up:

I went for 'Talionic Calodaemon', loosely this means a helpful but revengeful spirit.

Jim drew a foot:

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