Art Project Mini

This is what I did in June.
Unsure as to what this is about? Check the pitch.
These are all the suggestions I got in June.

20 June:

Luke Corteen suggests I draw a: Man doing 'this'.

"Man doing this" is a bit of an in-joke, I'm afraid.

19 June:

Joey wants me to make: A heroic sacrifice

This is a bit of a cheat, it's always easier to draw something you've drawn before, if you're trying to do it quickly.

18 June:

Mike Francis asked for: a storm in a teacup

There's a storm brewing.

17 June:

Dale Vick would like to see Delicious Ironing

Waffle ironing is the most delicious kind of ironing.

16 June:

Dan summers wants A pleasant weekend trip

I met a lovely lady in the art shop who recommended to me that I pick up this thing called a "grafstone" pencil. It's a 6B lump of graphite (no wood), and I've been playing with it all day.

15 June:

Colin Love proclaims: Screw the Rules, I have Money!

I'm not sure why the queen was the first "old rich person" that came to mind, but I think it's a better cartoon of her than I drew 2 years ago.

14 June:

Scar wants: An original take on a catgirl.

You see what I did there?

13 June:

Nina Birch says: As i'm starting a new job on monday, you could draw me something to celebrate this.

Still can't draw reflections in glass. It's hard! - trying though.

12 June:

Tim Batram wanted: An Inquisitive Hat

affording emotions to inanimate objects is remarkably difficult, but I do think this hat represents inquisitiveness.

11 June:

insert_name_here wanted: Democracy, some assembly required

This is a pretty good picture of the UN assembly, with all the pieces moved ever so slightly out of place. The arrows show how to assemble it.

10 June:

Khimaera suggested: A fallen angel.

This came out pretty well.

9 June:

This time, Tea would like some: refined tea drinking

I work a lot with chemists nowadays. I'm pretty sure this setup does nothing though.

8 June:

Cr0W suggests: A clockwork dragon

Once again, this project proves that I'm only any good at drawing clockwork, and dragons :D

7 June:

Wings would like: A kroot in a dress

I used the dress that Princess Rozalin wears in Disgaea 2, it's a good mix of black shiny badassness and ridiculous frilly bows.

6 June:

Dan Summers wants: Something a little like castanets

Clams are a bit like castanets...

5 June:

Greg Weir wants: Victory Over Exam Stress!

This took so long to draw because I suck so terribly badly at speech bubbles.

4 June:

Dad wrote to me: In light of the current socio-political situation in the Middle east, Hows about a picture of General Ignorance?

I don't really do caricatures... as this demonstrates rather well. Can you tell if this is supposed to be Cameron or Osborne? - It's the latter.

I don't do pollitical a lot, but for "general ignorance" there wasn't a lot I could think of. While I actually agree that we need to make somewhat severe cuts in the budget, I don't think that Science is the place to start... Science is one of the areas that paves the way for future growth, and we're currently spending less government money on it than we are on potholes.

3 June:

Edith wants a hug

There are an awful lot of different kinds of hugs, but I quite liked the reference image I used for this one.

02 June:

Keeper narrates: Through all the nights that followed, she still loved him as though he had stayed, to comfort her and protect her. Princess be damned

Really I needed a bit more space than my card to draw this.

01 June:

Rosemary Warner asked for: Ducklings


Khimaera contributed a much better image:


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