Art Project March

This is what I did in March
Unsure as to what this was about? Check the pitch.

This page contains all the artwork submitted, but you can instead just view my art
(If you want your own custom page, let me know.)

31 March:

Khimaera wants a: Dragon in flight. Alternatively:
Demonic Summoning

30 March:

Claire would like to see: An Outlandish Knight. Alternatively:
The source of all secrets
A reason to get up in the morning
Where all my socks go

29 March:

Draxar wants: The tears of the goddess of endings when someone dies before their time.

28 March:

Androidkiller intones: With This Laser, I Thee Wed.

27 March:

Canashir wants to see: Melody for violin & piano, Op. 35bis No. 5: Andante ma non troppo.

26 March:

Alex tells me that: The abyss stares back, and it likes your tie. Alternatively, any of:
Control code
Dryders are more complex than you think
The Mayans were right...

25 March:

Winterlove would like something: Far from home.

24 March:

Salavant wants to see: God(s) in mundane office scene(s). Alternatively, any of:
The Platonic Ideal of a citrus fruit.
Someone falling, calmly, from a great height.
The best climbing frame in the world.
A event in the 20th Century illustrated by molluscs.

23 March:

Jasmin would like something to: Self-assemble.

22 March:

Zebbie wants to see some: A hamster running in a wheel. Alternatively, any of:
"My desk" (as in, the desk of the person drawing)
A scene with a bright low light off to one side that casts long shadows from everything.
An unmade bed.
"What I see when I run"

21 March:

Ley wants to see some: Geese dressed as cats.

20 March:

Dave P submitted: All of the lyrics to 'Desolation Row', by Bob Dylan, with emphasis on verses 21-22.

19 March:

Ian asked for: A lift less ordinary.

18 March:

Joey wants: An animal with the wrong number of heads/limbs.
Alternatively, Cliffs or Something really tasty.

17 March:

Cillian thinks that: This looks like a good idea.

16 March:

Greg asked for: Three Simultaneous Apocalypses.
Alternatively, he'd like either: Repetition or Rouge Angles of Satan.

15 March:

Because this is the halfway point, let's go with Chard's rather meta suggestion of: Art Project March.

14 March:

Drac asked for: A crown atop a turle atop a mechanobadger.
Alternatively, he just wants a mechanobadger

13 March:

Chris Coward wants a picture of whatever: Mylo Xyloto is.
Yeah, I know what Mylo Xyloto is.

12 March:

Being Monday, it seems like the perfect time to take Chevron's suggestion of: The realisation of a perfect day

11 March:

Rosie asked for: A demonstration of the intelligence of octopuses. (Or octopodes, if you prefer.)

10 March:

Emily wants to see: The man with the Key to the Door of Reality, underneath the Mat of Insignificance.

09 March:

Jim asked us to show him: Four-Sprung Duck Technique.

08 March:

Estantia would like a run in with: My Little Cultist.

Week 1:

In a fit of over-analysis, I wrote a quick page containing my thoughts on the project in the last week.

07 March:

Nicholas Taylor wants us to study hard and obtain a: Magister in Catbus.

06 March:

It's Mum's birthday, and she wants to see: The Queen of all Kittens.

05 March:

Colin Love asked us to find: A Prophecy in a Teacup

04 March:

Dan Summers asked me for something: Frightfully Mechanised

While this is my choice of suggestion, it was not the only option. Two other suggestions were offered:
REAL ultimate power
What the world needs right now

03 March:

Steph Leddington would like to see: A new type of ninja

02 March:

Jon Ward told me of a dream he had:
I dreamt of.... Tyrannofish: Front mostly Tyrannosaurus rex head, itsy-bitsy teeny flippers, and a back tail. The whole thing was mostly reds, but with small wavy black vertical stripes. They looked quite vicious, but I think they were cute.

While this is my choice of suggestion, it was not the only option, he also sent a small ditty:

Plush Cthulhu, Plush Cthulhu
Riding on the dashboard of my car
I'm afraid he'll have to go
Messing with my soul, you know?
Plush Cthulhu, he won't get you far!

01 March:

Luke Corteen suggested that we deal in Luciferous Logolepsy.
Yeah, I needed to google it.

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