Art Project March

APM day 3
Unsure as to what this was about? Check the pitch.

03 March:

Steph Leddington would like to see: A new type of ninja

Because Duckbunny was so fast off the mark with my original joke idea, I went for the second one that sprung to mind...

Many thanks to the great Tim Vine for the joke.

Duckbunny thinks exactly the same way I do.

The latest storage solution from Duck Industries.

Ania drew an invisible ninja.

"Nie widzial nikogo. Wiedzial, ze nie zobaczy"
- Andrzej Sapkowski "Miecz przeznaczenia", p. 231 (edition from year 1999)

"He couldn't see anybody. He knew he wouldn't."
- Andrzej Sapkwski "The Sword of Destiny", p. 231 (Polish edition from year 1999, own translation)

Salavant sent me a limmerick.

Dave has been accused of overkill unbefitting to a ninja by the Great Ninja Council, but then they all died in a mysterious spaghettification accident. The text of the limerick is: There once was a ninja named Dave, Who was OH! so incredibly brave, Instead of using a knife, For the taking of life He used black holes and gravity waves.

Aardvark sent a poem about this from 1995:

The Man Who Yells "Asparagus"

Swinging swiftly over roof-tops
With his cloak of molten green
It's the man who shouts 'Asparagus!'
As he keeps the city clean

He's the scourge of evil villains
When their immoral acts they do
For the man who shouts 'Asparagus'
Comes violently whistling through

With a practised graceful movement
He produces carrots and some peas
With which he strikes his victims
To bring them to their knees

His deadly ninja cabbages
Have felled many a fleeing crook
As he loudly yodels 'Asparagus!'
They know they're out of luck

He's the bane of secret lovers
In clandestine first-time kiss
With the dreadful yell 'Asparagus'
He appears from out the mist

He will saunter to the lady
And gently kiss her hand
Then present her with some marrows
The finest in the land

To the shell-shocked ashen suitor
He donates fresh broccoli
Then returns to chasing burglars
Yelling 'Asparagus!' with glee

He leaves a trail of devastation
Beneath the glittering moon
Of gibbering frightened people
And fragments of legume

Just pray you never meet him
In a city road or street
With his piercing cry 'Asparagus!'
Brandishing onions and a leek

Zebbie sent me a ninja Weasel.

The ninja weasel represents a new advance in stealth acrobatics.

Chess made a political statement.

Alex succumbed to the lure of Nyancat.

NYANNYANNYANNYANNYAN--- I make no excuses for this.

Jim misread the suggestion... Or did he?:

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