Art Project March

APM day 4
Unsure as to what this was about? Check the pitch.

04 March:

Dan Summers asked me for something: Frightfully Mechanised

While this is my choice of suggestion, it was not the only option. Two other suggestions were offered:
REAL ultimate power
What the world needs right now

I decided to provide an insight into how this website works:

This came out pretty well in my opinion, although like all of these images, there's no limit to when you can stop.

Salavant scored first today, at 12:10am

Necrorobotics: the new growth industry!

Zebbie emphasised the frightening aspect of the challenge

As this is a picture of the death camp Birkenau, I'd like to make it REALLY clear that it refers to the Frightfully Mechanised extermination of human life that took place there, and most certainly NOT to the other two drawing suggestions for the day!

Chess pointed out that your reference can be quite obscure, but still look awesome.

Alex produced this masterpiece.

When your Underwater Radar Rig turns against you... I don't know where this thing came from, I just wanted to draw plates and tubes.

Jim drew some kind of horrible balloon monstrosity:

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