Art Project March

APM day 5
Unsure as to what this was about? Check the pitch.

05 March:

Colin Love asked us to find: A Prophecy in a Teacup

I decided to draw a more literal teacup than intended, and then had no idea how to draw a prophecy in it...

I'm reasonably pleased with this one, but it took ages to draw the cup. The saucer I sketched out with a looser messier style than I normally aim for, but it came out okay.

Duckbunny predicts the weather:

Mostly dry, with sunny spells. Chance of tempests later.

Alex drew this amazing picture:

large version

I don't know where this spawned from, it just sort of happened. It's something of a cross between the Witches in "Macbeth", K. Sandra Fuhr's "5ideways" webcomic and the "Hellsing" anime/manga series. The figure is of unknown name and gender, supposedly a White Knight figure, blind to the prophecies in the teacup/swirling morass. I think...

Aardvark submitted a single word to fulfill today's challenge:


Salavant just went around in circles:

And if you gaze long into the Assam, the Assam gazes also into you.

Ania went for comics this time.:

Oh, great. It looks like I can't spell "prophecy".

At least Zebbie remembers Thundercats...:

The unofficial Thundercats technical manual revealed the inner workings of Castle Plun-darr.

Dan sent me some prophetic tea.

Androidkiller gave a tabloid prophecy.

Beware: Brownian Motion

Jim drew a teacup with pointy sides (This is totally how I draw teacups as well.):

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