Art Project March

APM day 6
Unsure as to what this was about? Check the pitch.

06 March:

It's Mum's birthday, and she wants to see: The Queen of all Kittens.

To be honest, I can't rightly explain how or why I drew this.:

Well, enough practice at it, and I'm now convinced I can draw a cute cartoon kitten reasonably repeatably. That's progress!

Zebbie knows what the term means:

A late night early morning entry.

Aardvark sent a new poem about this:

The Queen of All Kittens

People keep cats, so they say
There is one in my house, it is true
However we all miss the truth, they seem so aloof
The cats keep us, with nary a fuss
Apart from stroke or a brush.

Every cat is queen of her castle
And we know every Tomcats' a Queen
They stride through the hall, checking all on the floor
Is all in place, no rats, no mice
They keep the place pestilence free

We humans are really cats' kittens
They know the best for us all.
They groom us at night, they cuddle us tight
The best we can do, to honour them too
Is feed and stroke when they ask.

Salavant drew a rather long cat:

At some stage all these beasties are clearly going to have a fight. Or a dance-off.

Khimaera can actually draw cat markings.

king of the beasts, queen of the kitterns?.

Alex drew a cat that reminds me of the old disney Robin Hood:

She's probably being made to play dress up by her human. She doesn't seem to mind though.

Jim drew a freddie cat...:

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