Art Project March

APM day 8
Unsure as to what this was about? Check the pitch.

08 March:

Estantia would like a run in with: My Little Cultist.

I decided to make some little cultists that you can print out and use for roleplaying games.

The idea is to print these out landscape on A4 card, then fold them in two. The tabs should fit through the slot in a standard miniature base, and then fold out underneath.

Estantia provides some inspiration, if your sanity can withstand it:

Original song

My Little Cultist,
I used to wonder what worship could be,
My Little Cultist,
Until you shared your grimoire with me!

Secret meetings,
Stabbing too!
Cut out a heart
and pierce it through!
Sacrificing is an easy feat,
and now the ritual's complete!

Oooh My Little Cultist,
Don't you know you'll have the very best end.

Zebbie was first again, with an appropriately culty pony, if you know what to look for.:

'Friendship is Magic! And you know what else is Magic? Demons are Magic! And so are Elves! But not Kender! But anyway, about Friendship....'

Salavant drew a giant sacrificial dagger:

Sometimes, a dagger is just a dagger. I'm not so sure about this one.

Alex went with purple as the colour of choice for cultists.

A rather standard approach, but ponies are made of cute anyway.

Ania also produced a pony. I should probably mention that a red circle is most likely the symbol of the necromancer in our local LARP, and not the flag of Japan here. (At least, I hope it is.):

Duckbunny went for a personal touch.

Seer Alexei, Child of the Moon

Jim's artistic text is really awesome in this one:

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