Art Project March

APM day 24
Unsure as to what this was about? Check the pitch.

24 March:

Salavant wants to see: God(s) in mundane office scene(s). Alternatively, any of:
The Platonic Ideal of a citrus fruit.
Someone falling, calmly, from a great height.
The best climbing frame in the world.
A event in the 20th Century illustrated by molluscs.

Because Salavant has sent so many comics for this APM, I decided to draw a comic for this one. It's another large image, bercause it's so text heavy - apologies if it doesn't fit on your screen.

So, there are lots of pantheons and gods to choose from, I was spoilt for choice when starting this out. After a couple of hours browsing wikipedia, I realised that I could spend a week researching this, just to get gods that made sense in context. The Roman and Greek gods are all pretty samey looking, so I went with the pantheon I knew best, with variety to suit - the Egyptian Pantheon.

There are hundreds of Ancient Egyptian Gods - and interpretations and descriptions vary a lot too. I based these interpretations (somewhat loosely) upon the descriptions of the Egpytian gods given in the Odyssey Larp. These descriptions aren't exactly aligned to the most common descriptions of the Egyptian Gods, but they provide variety and interest. I've altered them a little further to fit this modern setting.

Jim drew a remarkably isometric photocopier:

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