Art Project March

APM is Go!
Unsure as to what this was about? Check the pitch. APM will have a little hiatus before finishing. There are quite a few things on in my life, so I will not quite finish in time - but it will complete :)

21 March:

Bluebottle asks for A dark and stormy knight.

20 March:

Chard challenges me to draw A bustling marketplace or street.

19 March:

Tom Garnett wants A ride-on camera, preferably steam powered.

18 March:

Zebbie wants a whale submarine.
Failing that, the best lighthouse ever, or Newts! or Curly-toed slippers

17 March:

Hark fought through to suggest: Two giant hamsters fighting over a city.

16 March:

Megan asks What is in the warlocks' evidence locker and why is there a funny smell coming from it?
Alternative suggestions include Why do larp characters only wear one set of clothes? or FACE.

15 March:

Steph wants to see The National Sport of Geckos.

14 March:

Tea would like Microraptor Parachutists being launched from a Trebuchet.

13 March:

Josephine Anrep wants An old person, or A self portrait.

12 March:

David Proctor Luke Corteen wants a Steampunk Illithid Teaparty.

11 March:

I do hereby challenge you to draw a giant pile of loot.
Or possibly a giant pile of lute, your call.
Most Sincerely,
Mr Edith T. Hutt Esq.

10 March:

Dad writes to me:
It is a little known fact that Rick Wakeman’s inspiration for his classic album “The Myths & Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of The Round Table”
came from a lesser known work by no less than your favourite band Royal Hunt entitled
“The Trysts and Dead Friends of Big Martha and her Nights in the Hound Stables”
Unfortunately, the original album cover for this has been lost, draw me a replacement.

09 March:

Drac wants a 2 headed half dragon franken-badger.
Alternatively: he'd like either Ninja penguins or accidental genocide.
Gmail's inbox page removes linebreaks from email summaries, making it look like he wants 2 headed half dragon franken-badger ninja penguin genocide.

08 March:

Jonathan Missenden-Evans writes: I’d like to see you draw a Ninja-Cyclist.

07 March:

Greg Weir wants us to show him our: Righteous Fury.

06 March:

Once again, Mum wants: Cats.

05 March:

Alan Weir orders us to Draw a velociraptor and a triceratops on an adventure.

04 March:

Emily Room wants Inappropriate daleks.
Alternatively: an Infinite scarf or Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!

03 March:

David Proctor wants the Subterranean Homesick Blues..

02 March:

Jon Ward thinks it would be nice to see A very Alien Alien. In the Larry Niven sort of way.

01 March:

Colin Love wishes to see some Duelling Puzzle Masters.

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