Art Project March

APM is Go!
Unsure as to what this was about? Check the pitch. APM will have a little hiatus before finishing. There are quite a few things on in my life, so I will not quite finish in time - but it will complete :)

21 March:

Bluebottle asks for A dark and stormy knight.

20 March:

Chard challenges me to draw A bustling marketplace or street.

19 March:

Tom Garnett wants A ride-on camera, preferably steam powered.

18 March:

Zebbie wants a whale submarine.
Failing that, the best lighthouse ever, or Newts! or Curly-toed slippers

17 March:

Hark fought through to suggest: Two giant hamsters fighting over a city.

16 March:

Megan asks What is in the warlocks' evidence locker and why is there a funny smell coming from it?
Alternative suggestions include Why do larp characters only wear one set of clothes? or FACE.

15 March:

Steph wants to see The National Sport of Geckos.

14 March:

Tea would like Microraptor Parachutists being launched from a Trebuchet.

13 March:

Josephine Anrep wants An old person, or A self portrait.

12 March:

David Proctor Luke Corteen wants a Steampunk Illithid Teaparty.

11 March:

I do hereby challenge you to draw a giant pile of loot.
Or possibly a giant pile of lute, your call.
Most Sincerely,
Mr Edith T. Hutt Esq.

10 March:

Dad writes to me:
It is a little known fact that Rick Wakeman�s inspiration for his classic album �The Myths & Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of The Round Table�
came from a lesser known work by no less than your favourite band Royal Hunt entitled
�The Trysts and Dead Friends of Big Martha and her Nights in the Hound Stables�
Unfortunately, the original album cover for this has been lost, draw me a replacement.

09 March:

Drac wants a 2 headed half dragon franken-badger.
Alternatively: he'd like either Ninja penguins or accidental genocide.
Gmail's inbox page removes linebreaks from email summaries, making it look like he wants 2 headed half dragon franken-badger ninja penguin genocide.

08 March:

Jonathan Missenden-Evans writes: I�d like to see you draw a Ninja-Cyclist.

07 March:

Greg Weir wants us to show him our: Righteous Fury.

06 March:

Once again, Mum wants: Cats.

05 March:

Alan Weir orders us to Draw a velociraptor and a triceratops on an adventure.

04 March:

Emily Room wants Inappropriate daleks.
Alternatively: an Infinite scarf or Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!

03 March:

David Proctor wants the Subterranean Homesick Blues..

02 March:

Jon Ward thinks it would be nice to see A very Alien Alien. In the Larry Niven sort of way.

01 March:

Colin Love wishes to see some Duelling Puzzle Masters.

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