Piccolo was one of six heroes in the D&D4 campaign "Afterglow", and this was her diary. The campaign took place over the backdrop of a shattered and broken Forgotten Realms. The village the characters started in, Hollow, basks in the afterglow of a large magical explosion 100 years ago that wiped out most life on the plane. The world is a dark and twisted place, but hey, at least Drizzt is dead.

Each "chapter" of this diary conveniently covers one "level" for the characters. Each individual page covers one game session, more or less. The campaign ended at the end of level 7, and was replaced with Xanadu, the paragon campaign with some new characters, and some old ones.


The Story So Far.

Bonus Stuff.

    Hollow's Hope
    The Cleansing of Highglum Monastery
    The Secret of Scardale Keep
    Destiny and Slime
    The Kingdom of Yare
    A Shortage of Dwarves
    Endings and Beginnings
    Infiltration, Sabotage, Revolution

This story is now finished.

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